Backflow Prevention and Testing

Backflow can pose a serious threat to the safety and quality of your water supply. At Dannik Plumbing, we take backflow prevention seriously, offering expert testing, maintenance, and installation services to safeguard your water system from potential contamination.

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Understanding Backflow:

Backflow occurs when water flows in the reverse direction from its intended path. It’s typically associated with cross connections, where potable and non-potable water sources intersect. For example, a cross-connection might exist if your property receives both drinking water and water for irrigation from the same source.

Common causes of backflow include:

Preventing Backflow:

Effective backflow prevention requires annual inspections and the installation of appropriate devices to mitigate the risk of contamination. Backflow prevention devices are designed to keep water flowing in one direction, preventing the reverse flow of contaminated water into the drinking water supply.
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Backflow Prevention:

We understand the importance of backflow prevention in Orillia and the surrounding area. Just as it’s crucial in Toronto, it’s equally important here. Many municipalities, including Orillia, require specific properties to have backflow prevention devices in place.

Our experienced team will assess your property to determine the necessary backflow prevention steps and device installations. We’re trained and certified for backflow prevention testing and installation services.
Different types of properties require different backflow prevention devices based on a risk assessment. Properties are classified as low, moderate, or severe risk. Each classification determines the type of device required. Our team ensures your property complies with local bylaws, guaranteeing your water supply remains uncontaminated.

Testing Backflow Prevention Devices:

Regular testing is an essential part of backflow prevention. After device installation, initial testing is required, followed by annual testing to ensure continued effectiveness. Property owners must maintain records of site surveys and testing, submitting annual reports to the municipality.

Complete Backflow Prevention Device Services:

At Dannik Plumbing, we offer comprehensive backflow prevention device services. From site surveys and device installations to annual testing and reporting, we ensure your property adheres to local bylaws and regulations.

For expert backflow prevention testing, installation, inspection, or repairs in Orillia and the surrounding area, trust the experienced team at Dannik Plumbing. Protect your water supply and maintain its quality – contact us today to learn more about our backflow prevention services.

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